4 popular trends in eyelash extension design of 2024

4 popular trends in eyelash extension design of 2024

4 key trends in eyelash extension design this season

If you are someone who works with eyelash extension design, you probably know that there are numerous design styles and that some styles become more popular depending on the season. 

The whole topic of eyelash extensions has already revolutionized the beauty world and has become an incredibly popular trend in recent years. This season is no exception, so we want to mention a few key trends you should know about:

A natural lash style.

They say that less is more, and that's something that never goes out of style. We know that not all clients are the same. Many people, instead of the long, voluminous lashes that were so popular in the past, are leaning toward softer, more subtle styles. 

With this style, the aim is to achieve a more natural look, mimicking your lashes but with more definition and length.

Russian volume technique

Russian volume is an eyelash extension application technique where multiple ultra-thin extensions are placed on each natural lash. This technique provides a fuller, denser look without the need to add excessive weight or length. The result is a set of voluminous yet light and natural lashes. 

Undoubtedly, this is a perfect design for those who prefer a more dramatic and dramatic look than the previous one, but equally, it is a style that never goes out of style.

Custom Colors and Designs

The world of eyelash design is extremely wide and varied and as more people seek to experiment with their looks, it has become popular to create custom designs in eyelash extensions. 

Custom styles are characterized by experimenting with unique patterns and trying out vibrant colors, as they don't just stick to conventional black eyelash extensions but try bolder colors. This trend allows clients to express their individuality and personal style. 

If you want to offer your clients a variety of eyelash extension colors, so they can personalize their style, Lash Flash has eyelash extensions in a variety of colors, from traditional black, brown, or colored eyelash extensions. Visit our website now and get to know all the eyelash extension supplies we have for you.

Lower eyelashes

Previously, eyelash extensions were mainly focused on the upper lashes. However, there is now a widespread trend to also add extensions to the lower lashes. It provides a more balanced and fuller overall look for the eyes.

Factors to consider when choosing an eyelash extension design.

The decision on which style of eyelash extension design to use is up to the client, but you should always inform them to take some considerations into account:

  • Strength and health of the natural lashes: lighter extensions are recommended for those with thin or weaker lashes, and fuller extensions are recommended for stronger lashes that can withstand the weight.
  • Desired style and occasion: You must take into account what is the desired look, whether you want something more natural, more dramatic, or more fun. For that, you can also take into account if they are for a special event or if you want it for your daily life.
  • Maintenance: Obviously, the simpler the eyelash extensions design, the less maintenance they require.

In summary, eyelash extensions are a great way to improve a person's appearance and confidence, so beyond trends or fashions, it is always recommended to choose the design that makes the client feel more comfortable.

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