5 Best Strategies To Retain Clients for Lash Studios. Easy to follow, always works!

5 Best Strategies To Retain Clients for Lash Studios. Easy to follow, always works!

Each year, competition in the beauty industry becomes more aggressive. New establishments are opening, and new solutions and offers are emerging. It's truly becoming difficult not only to acquire new customers but also to retain your regulars. Fear not! What if we told you about five easy-to-follow strategies that will keep your clients with you for years? Keep reading this article till the end to elevate your client management.

  1. Excellent service Strategy

The first and most obvious strategy would be to provide excellent service. You see, nowadays, it's not just an advantage — it's the foundation for acquiring clients. Nobody returns if they aren't satisfied with the results. Makes sense, right? People are different. Someone likes apples, someone likes bananas. This holds especially true in the beauty industry. You need to focus on providing a personalized experience. The complete experience, starting from the moment they step into your lash studio until they bid farewell, should leave a lasting impression. It's crucial to focus entirely on them during their visit. Avoid burdening them with your own concerns and instead, lend them your ear. You have the opportunity to become not just their lash technician, but also their confidant, therapist, and trusted companion throughout the session.

It's worth mentioning that your skill and supplies are also important. You need to constantly upgrade your skills and knowledge and stick to only premium lash extensions, the ones you can find at a really tasty price at our store. Spotless services guarantee client retention and word-of-mouth marketing.

  1. Improve your scheduling with a modern Booking System

What type of booking system do you have? If it's just a telephone number that directs to a pen-and-paper secretary or clerk, you need to reconsider. A modern booking system that allows clients to book appointments seamlessly, directly from your website when they're browsing, can greatly improve efficiency. Modern systems like Square can also help by sending reminders to clients about their appointments, reducing the number of no-shows. These reminders are sent automatically via email or text messages.

  1. Follow Ups Strategy

Next up is a step that's often overlooked but should never be missed. After a lash session with a client, schedule a follow-up email or phone call within 24-48 hours. This gives clients the opportunity to voice any concerns they may have had, while satisfied clients are more likely to recommend your services after receiving a thoughtful follow-up. Even if something did go wrong during the session, reaching out first puts you in a winning position. Offering to rectify any issues for free can prevent negative reviews and help retain clients. Additionally, if a significant amount of time has passed since their last appointment, you can follow up to see if they're in need of a new appointment.

  1. Email Marketing Strategy

Have you ever considered setting up a series of emails with valuable tips for your customers? What about sending out promotions? These actions serve as reminders to your clients that you're still around. In today's busy digital landscape, even the most loyal customers are bombarded with advertisements from competitors on a daily basis. It's important to keep this in mind, as if clients lose sight of your business, they may be easily swayed by the competition.

  1. Specials and Loyalty Programs Strategy

Reward your frequent visitors with exclusive programs that offer exceptional value. Consider offering two services or sessions for the price of one, or provide an annual membership option for those seeking weekly services. By implementing loyalty programs, you not only incentivize repeat visits but also foster a sense of belonging and community within your salon. Treat your loyal clients like family by offering special packages that include premium services like complex eyelash extensions paired with complimentary treatments such as a relaxing massage.

As you can see, retaining clients doesn't have to be rocket science.. Follow these 5 winning and easy-to-implement strategies to build a bond with your clients that lasts for years. Loyalty starts from business!

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